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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap - Carson Robison

The song was sang by an American country music singer and songwriter named Carson Robison during World War II. This song was part of American propaganda.

Lyrics (a bit of American racism from 1941 called “We’re gonna have to slap, the dirty little Jap”)

We’re gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
And Uncle Sam’s the guy who can do it
We’ll skin the streak of yellow from this sneaky little fellow
And he’ll think a cyclone hit him when he’s thru it
We’ll take the double crosser to the old woodshed
We’ll start on his bottom and go to his head
When we get thru with him he’ll wish that he was dead
We gotta slap the dirty little Jap

We’re gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
And Uncle Sam’s the guy who can do it
The Japs and all their hooey will be changed into chop suey
And the rising sun will set when we get thru it
Their alibi for fighting is to save their face
For ancestors waiting in celestial space
We’ll kick their precious face down to the other place
We gotta slap the dirty little Jap

We’re gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
And Uncle Sam’s the guy who can do it
We’ll murder Hirohito, massacre that slob Benito
Hang’em with that Shickle gruber when we’re thru it
We’ll search the highest mountain for the tallest tree
To build us a hanging post for the evil three
We’ll call in all our neighbors, let’em know their free
We gotta slap the dirty little Jap

The song was considered racist these days, so don't sing it but you can listen to it.


  1. XD this song is quite funny but also rude
    However, by this song, I can obviously feel how strong American hated Japanese.

  2. After killing all the blue whales they could find, dumping massive amounts of mercury in the ocean, and now contaminating the entire world with nuclear waste and lying about it (Fukishima). I can't say i am very fond of that country today! :)

  3. Nobody was very fond of the Japanese during world war 2, except maybe the other axis powers. And probably not even them. The Japanese committed so many war crimes: they massacred, slaughtered, and raped the Chinese, they intentionally attacked and provoked a neutral power, they experimented on humans and used biological weapons,they implemented chemical warfare, committed numerous accounts of cannibalism and eating people alive, and forced thousands of young Asian women to go into prostitution and to become sex slaves. It's no doubt most people aren't very "fond" of this country.